Biorhythm calculation

Our biorhythms have a major impact on our lives. We know 3 different biorhythm curves – the intellectual, the emotional and the physical rhythm – which make their own movements at their own pace.

The intellectual rhythm has a 33-day cycle, the emotional rhythm a 28-day cycle and the physical a 23-day cycle. We all start our life with a triple critical day and afterwards each rhythm will have its own cycle. Each rhythm has its loading phase, its expressive phase and its critical day.

We all have ups and downs in a month which we sometimes can’t explain, but actually they are caused by our biorhythm. We also experience a critical day between those ups and downs when we feel less good in that period.

When having a critical intellectual day, it’s not a good idea to take an exam. Pilots’ biorhythms are also calculated and if they are in a critical day, they are not even allowed to fly! When we experience a triple critical day, which can happen once in a blue moon, there can be no question of doing something sensible. Generally we feel very bad, but the next day it’s all past time and we are back in optimal condition.