Dream explanation

Many books concerning dreams have been published, but the interpretations are not always reliable. Sometimes one keyword can give different explanations. These books and keywords can put you on the way, but the real interpretation of a dream is a different matter. In which phase of your life are you now, how is your psyche at the moment, which things are you mostly concerned about at present… All these elements are necessary to be able to analyse a dream you’ve had.

Some people say “I never dream!”. This is because they can’t remember their dreams. Actually we all have 3 up to 5 REM (Rapid Eye Movement) periods during our sleep and these are precisely the moments during which we dream. In those periods our eyelids start flickering and our brain activity is almost as high as when being awake. In general we don’t feel that ourselves, but it’s something that occurs every night. If we didn’t dream, we would become sick for sure. Dreams are a means to eliminate the stress of our past day.

Predicting dreams also exist, generally it’s a kind of telepathic dreaming. When someone you know very well thinks of you when encountering a problem, then you will dream about it and feel what is going on with that person. Dear ones can appear in your dream to say farewell to you before they go to the next world. I’ve already had several prophetic dreams and it’s not always possible to place them, or to place them in time. However, the day after, three weeks or even many years later you will see that what you dreamt is really happening.

I wish you a lot of joy in your dream world!