Palm reading.


A lot can be seen in the palm of our hand. The left hand shows what we have received and the right hand what we have made of it. Only the principal lines are important to me. When clients come to visit me, they don’t expect me to look in their hands for one hour. As it is only a part of the consultation, I just have a look at the major lines. From those lines can be derived what the person feels, which problems he/she actually has or has had, and which ones still have to be vanquished, etc.

The depth and the shapes of the lines show plenty as well. The deeper the lines are in a person’s hand, the more intense this particular individual feels about something. So it’s not because someone in good health has several deeply grooved lines, that persons who don’t have deep lines are not healthy.

The lines in the palm of the hand can be compared to the eyes: they are the mirrors of the soul.