The pendulum is a useful instrument if an immediate answer to a question is required. For maximum effect short and simple questions need to be asked to the pendulum, so that it can answer “yes”, “no” or even “maybe”.

It’s possible to use the pendulum on a road map to look for someone who disappeared or in search of lost objects. The pendulum can even be used on gems. Everything that’s alive has energy and radiates a certain aura. In all these cases the use of a pendulum can be very helpful.

Some people use the pendulum to find out if homeopathic products are good for them, to know which is the right one for them or to discover how much they exactly need of the product.

It’s not necessary to have a real pendulum; a ring or another object attached to a string will work as well. The first thing to do is making agreements with the pendulum. If you don’t, you will not be able to interpret its movements. What I agreed with my pendulum is that front to back signifies “I don’t know, maybe”, turning clockwise means “yes”, and turning counter clockwise is “no”. Everybody is free to make their own agreements with their pendulum.