Who am I?


Well, I’m a perfectly ordinary woman, born and bred in East Flanders, but since my wedding I have lived in Dilbeek, Flemish Brabant, with my husband and my two treasures of dogs.

According to my girlfriends I already had a certain talent in my childhood. I was rather boyish, but my parents taught me to be kind and polite. I was their single daughter and always had to obey and share everything I had, which is what I did and still do now.

As a child I frequently went along to card readers with my mother. I found this very captivating and discovered that I sensed much myself. I still remember that one day when a person entered our house I didn’t feel comfortable at all. Later it appeared that this woman was not to trust in any way.

My interest has grown tremendously during a recovery period after a long-term illness. I devoured books handling about these sciences and now have as many as three bookcases filled with books concerning the paranormal and related topics.

My family was not pleased when I wanted to embark on this profession, even though I felt that I had to do it. So for the sake of peace I didn’t start. But after a spell of illnesses and surgeries I was no longer able to do my job and I switched to this one, which until then had been my hobby. Now I’m specialising as much as possible and have even written a course.

One of the key points is to be able to listen to a person’s problems, if you can’t do this, it has no sense to start with this profession.

Let’s hope you’re enjoying your visit to my internet site and if you like, you can always leave a message in my guest book. Many thanks in advance!